A downloadable Game for Windows and macOS

The Challenge is a rougelite platformer. All levels are crafted to be fair but hard. It is easy to learn but hard to master.

The game features:

-50 levels

-5 bosses

-12 music tracks

-one ending

Before modifying and creating your own version of the game please read the license fully.

UPDATE: I updated the game and fixed some bugs. I added some new music to make the game a little better. Some parts of the game was a little too hard so a little bit was fixed gameplay wise but the core gameplay is the same.

Install instructions


1. Download windows zip file and extract into folder

2. Run the exe

3.Play the game


1. Download the_challenge.Applmage

2. Run the app

3.Play the game


1. Download the_challenge.zip

2. open the zip

3.Move .app file to applications

4.Run the app file

5.Play the game


game-windows.zip 60 MB
game-macos.zip 57 MB

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